BTN- how and why we have the federation

We all love Australia day but how was it created and why?

In 1642, a Dutch explorer, Abel Tasman, discovered Tasmania, fortunately he left, meaning we don’t speak Dutch.

At first British set up colonies (like little countries (Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia) but the British was boss. Each colony had their own military defence forces, trade policies and their own different sized (width) railway tracks.

Colonies that were bigger (NSW, Vic) were worried that they would have to provide poorer colonies with lots of money if the colonies became one country. The smaller colonies were worried the bigger ones would have too much power.

What I understand about the video was –

We have Australia day because the first fleet came to Australia and 6 colonies were set up then turned into one nation.

My 2 questions are?

Are there still problems between states?

Why were there separate colonies?

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  1. Great reflection Declan. I liked the way you structured your piece of writing. It was clear, informative and easy to read!

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