Btn- Ahn do the refugee

Ahn and his family escaped Vietnam at age 2 because his uncles fought alongside ausie soldiers in the Vietnam War.

They were at sea for 5 days and 2 pirate attacks one where a kid (Ahn’s brother, Khoa do) got threatened over the edge. Lucky they eventually got picked up by a German ship but the germens said they had to be sinking so they through him an axe, to cut a hole in the boat.

When Ahn got here he was welcomed by some nuns form St Vincents. They gave his family a bunch of cloths but accidently give 1 boy outfit and 1 girl outfit, they went through so much they didn’t care so they put Ahn’s brother in the girl outfit. His uncle said his brother looked like a boy in a dress so his mum grew his hair long.

Why did Ahn write a book about his experience as a refugee?

When did Ahn start writing books?

Ahn wrote a book on his experience on being a refugee and was asked what was it like and Ahn went through all the key moments of when he was a refugee.

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