Joseph bryant

  1. Themes are abstract nouns: This storey helps me understand love and what it’s like to lose someone close to you. I clearly noticed this when it said “He is also the reason why I know the true definition of love.” And when it said “I would not ever cry more than I did that night. Loving someone that is gone forever is one of the hardest things you can do”.
  2. Themes are important human issues: The author wants us to talk about how Charlotte Rose and Joseph Bryant felt about Joseph dying from cancer. People get very upset when they lose something they were attached to. I saw this best when it said “You can still love them, but you can never hear their laugh again or see their smile or hold their hand”.
  3. Stories apply to many readers: people who have lost someone close to them and people experiencing cancer would get the most from this storey. Parents/siblings of a dead/dying kid would connect to the storey.
  4. Events represent ideas: this sentence “on his last day, when he was really having a hard time, the nurses warned us that Joseph might not be getting better and the hospital was only able to do so much to help him” I think has a figurative meaning of no matter how hard you try everything must come to an end. Even though we know this we still try our hardest, we still expect we/they will pull though. “Joseph was also the strongest person I’ve ever met. Even if he was in complete pain, he would always have a smile on his face.” Those sentences I think might be connected to the concept of no matter how hard you try everything must come to an end.
  5. Experience evolves in patterns: In most of the storey we’d finally get used to an event then they’d give us some new devastating news. This might represent that life isn’t always calm there are problems in life and we just have to deal with them.
  6. Fiction is instructional: The author saying it’s hard to lose someone close to you and you will do everything you can and will comfort them until the end. They could of included the parents trying to comfort the children and their emotions.

Here is the storey Joseph Bryant storey

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