100wc Paper hands

I had waited hours for this burger, I was starving I don’t why it took so long to get a seat. This place wasn’t that famous it lived near the darkest strangest creepiest ally and the shop was the smallest on the block but there were people lined up round the corner. I had to give it to them, it was the funkiest café for their waiters were on roller skates, it had a 80s of the future look. My burger had arrived, the burger sat there dripping from the sauce but it lacked tomatoes so it disappeared in bodiless newspaper hands. I was confused.

100wcwide orange crocodile within collapse

There once was a crocodile he desired to climb trees, to get up high in the bright blue sky, and feel the cold comforting breeze but he was a crocodile, too heavy to climb trees, the tree would collapse within a minute. He climbed every chance he got but it was hard to hide amongst the soft orange leafs. He’s dad would always say “get out of that tree, what do you think you’re doing our job is gradually swim” he hated his so called job so much. He wished he could climb trees so he ran away so he could climb but he missed his family.

Budget 2017

Debt scares some people. Debt is when you borrow money you don’t have. You use it to buy things you don’t have enough money for. But sooner or later you’ll need to pay it back.

Facts: Nearly every country’s in debt.

Australia is trying to get a surplus. A surplus is when money left over after paying for everything in the budget.

The difference between bad debts. and good dept. is bad debt. Doesn’t give back and good debt makes you money by using money

Questions: Why do we have debt?

Who and when was debt invented?

Understand: Debt is where people borrow money from the bank because they want to buy something but don’t have enough money to buy it then a sometime later you pay the bank back

disgusting dinner 100wc

How could I eat something so

Mum set the table, ready for dinner. I was ready for dinner. I turned my head. I sat there awaiting dinner, my stomach ached with hunger, and then I found out Grandma was cooking. My belly ache silenced. I saw the food. I felt sick. How could I eat something so revolting? It was sloppy with a green ooze flowing over the sickening dark grey object placed in the centre of the plate. I loved my grandma but why must she make such repulsive inedible food, I couldn’t break it to her. The table was voiceless, each of us waiting for one another to speak up.

100wc car in a tree

The owner

Its trouble

Car, tree on the double

Please don’t fumble

I hate this

Why me

It has to be

Trouble, trouble, trouble

I’m in a bubble

A bubble of trouble

The Car

I gotta

I gotta fall

Everything still

I’m waiting bill

What I need

Is to

Fall, drop

You’ll need a mop

The Tree’s a fang

I’m gonna go bang

The Tree

I can’t do this I’m gonna snap

No don’t clap

It’s gonna fall

We’re not a gonna have a ball

It’s the storm’s fault

I don’t want no lightning bolt

This car’s fat

I’m diplomat

100wc-The Two Ghosts

Major rested his hand on the ruff door and pushed. A chill ran down his spine giving sense he wasn’t alone. He wondering around with bravery, when he heard a long, echoing creek that made him jump twice his height. Major had lost his courage. He was now trebling. A mysterious breeze slammed the door shut with an unsatisfying bang. Major began raising suspicion. He searched all through the house but awaiting his return was two ghosts. They ran room to room chasing Major until being sucked into an opened chest but not without saying “no one will believe you”

100wc- hard beautiful brown worried camera

I walked outside of the shop and was worried my beautiful brown hard-to-break camera would break. I wonder all what sights I might see. I know I’ll go on vacation to a tropical island like Fiji. “How was Fiji” “It was great I saw a man riding an elephant, I also saw a beautiful sunset reflected on the ocean. Only one problem, I think I left my camera next to the active volcano or dropped it when running with bulls or threw when thinking the loose spider was in the case. Oh no wait here. No I dropped in the fish tank, stupid greasy hamburger.”

Btn- Ahn do the refugee

Ahn and his family escaped Vietnam at age 2 because his uncles fought alongside ausie soldiers in the Vietnam War.

They were at sea for 5 days and 2 pirate attacks one where a kid (Ahn’s brother, Khoa do) got threatened over the edge. Lucky they eventually got picked up by a German ship but the germens said they had to be sinking so they through him an axe, to cut a hole in the boat.

When Ahn got here he was welcomed by some nuns form St Vincents. They gave his family a bunch of cloths but accidently give 1 boy outfit and 1 girl outfit, they went through so much they didn’t care so they put Ahn’s brother in the girl outfit. His uncle said his brother looked like a boy in a dress so his mum grew his hair long.

Why did Ahn write a book about his experience as a refugee?

When did Ahn start writing books?

Ahn wrote a book on his experience on being a refugee and was asked what was it like and Ahn went through all the key moments of when he was a refugee.

100wc- But how can something so tiny

“I summon corn troll.” Oh hi I’m Glober I am now fighting drift in a galaxy gods, except it’s magic, when we summon creatures they come to life see “I summon cryptic crystal creature” a small crystal creature appeared out of nowhere “I’m undefeated” “ha but how can something so tiny defeat anything, you can’t take this.” The corn troll swung his ginormous wheat sword, the tiny creature held the sword and threw it away. The troll punched himself trying to hit the creature soon enough the troll was beaten, all it need was flick, that’s what the creature did.

BTN- how and why we have the federation

We all love Australia day but how was it created and why?

In 1642, a Dutch explorer, Abel Tasman, discovered Tasmania, fortunately he left, meaning we don’t speak Dutch.

At first British set up colonies (like little countries (Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland, Western Australia and South Australia) but the British was boss. Each colony had their own military defence forces, trade policies and their own different sized (width) railway tracks.

Colonies that were bigger (NSW, Vic) were worried that they would have to provide poorer colonies with lots of money if the colonies became one country. The smaller colonies were worried the bigger ones would have too much power.

What I understand about the video was –

We have Australia day because the first fleet came to Australia and 6 colonies were set up then turned into one nation.

My 2 questions are?

Are there still problems between states?

Why were there separate colonies?