100wc-And that is why I am always last

On your mark, get set, go. Man I hate this job. Wow they’re already back first second third. some left the course go. Get them

How did Freddy get distracted, where’s Freddy. There he is. “Freddy come back to the race.” “I left the race?” “Yep” I” got distracted and that is why I am always last.” Ahh only Freddy, only Freddy.

Pant, pant this is so hard. Wow butterfly I’m going to get yam. “Freddy come back to the race.” “I left the race?” “Yep” I” got distracted and that is why I am always last.” “You finished, Hooray”

BTN: Governor Darling vs. The Media.

Private Suds and Private Thompson decide to steal a large amount of cloth because they want a life.  They feel like convicts in the colony have an easier life than soldiers.  Soldiers get lousy pay, and terrible hours.  The convicts get assigned hours, agreed rates of pay and after their sentence is finished they can apply for land grants.

Governor Darling tries to make an example out of the Privates by making their punishment harder.  He gives them 7 years hard labour in chains.  Iron Chains are torture, the prisoner can’t walk properly.  Private Suds became ill while in the chains and was taken to prison hospital where he died 5 days later.  I didn’t understand, what was the illness that Suds died from?

Francis Forbes was the first chief justice of NSW.  One of his jobs was to make sure the new laws aren’t repugnant or disgusting to England.  He needs to make sure the laws are equal to what they would do in England.  Governor Darling wouldn’t listen to Francis Forbes and punished the Privates anyway.

At first the newspapers, The Monitor, The Sydney Gazette and The Australian defended the Governor by saying the chains were not that heavy and that Private Suds was already sick before he was punished.

WC Wentworth wants the governor to be impeached (thrown out of office) calling him a “savage bastard”.  “It’s one thing for the Governor to relax the sentence, but to increase it – unheard of!” WC said.  It became a trial by media that entangles Darling for years.  The newspapers said their opinions about the Governor and that convinced the readers that the Governor was wrong, without having all the facts.  Would the media be able to do that today?

Camp – snorkelling

Camp was fun but my favourite were surfing and seal ours until snorkelling!!! It was my first time snorkelling and I was scared of the seaweed and deadly animals.

When I got in, I❤ved it, there weren’t any deadly animals and the seaweed was harmless. I saw many fish but the closest was only a couple of centimetres away. My hand were way away to show I come in peace. It was fun I didn’t want to get out.

After we got out, we got an extended seal tour, since we weren’t allowed to the open snorkelling cage they have. My new favourites were now surfing and snorkelling. I wish we could do it again!!!



Both about Australian history

Both shows feelings

Both shows conditions



England’s point of view

Tells lots of dates and facts

My place

Aboriginal’s point of view

It explores “ghost people’s” (England’s) ways.

Doesn’t tell you facts, you have to find them

letter about me

Hi I’m declan. me and my brother fight  a little but we (mostly me) can create great things like a outdoor cubby house with view of a TV. my brother is really fun when he’s not mad I am very grateful for him.

My mum is the smartest person I know  and she has taught me many things. me and my mum both love to play video games, I personally think we’re the best.

My dad works with distribution and as you may know is really tall. I love working with him because we get to look at shop’s, take awesome picture and best of all talk.

I love my family and all our friends!!!

Semester 1&2 Goals

I would like to learn more technology shortcuts, to use all the programs on our laptops and to learn algebra and fraction multiplication. I will try to achieve these goals by asking Lee if we can use our laptops in class more and ask my friends what short cuts they know.  I can reach my maths goal by google searching algebra and fraction multiplication and I can ask Lee if we can learn it in class. My learning and behaviour goals are to try not to get distracted by my friends and to contribute more to class discussion.  The ways that I can reach these goals are by not talking when I have work to do, only look at my work and to put my hand up to answer and ask questions in class.

Goal reflection semester 1

I think I did very well with my goals I’ve fiddled with my computer and asked others and now I am teaching others tech shortcuts and now I know tech shortcuts. I still yet to know about fraction multiplication and algebra. I haven’t been trying to not get distracted but I have almost finished my work many times I’m been trying to think faster so I can contribute also I haven’t known much about what we talk about. I’ve got a lot to go.

Semester 2 Goals

Goals that I want to work on are, to learn algebra and fraction multiplication (previous goals), being faster at things and being more organised. Ways that I can reach these goals are play the typing games that are on my computer at home so I can become faster at typing, do a little bit of homework each night and google searching algebra and fraction multiplication and I can ask Lee if we can learn it in class (previous ways to reach my previous goals)

Semester 2 Goal Reflection

This semester I have got really clouse to achieving my goals but I haven’t achieved my algebra goal because we haven’t learnt it yet. I have been working faster and I have also been being more organised by having all my books in my chair bag. We have also learnt decimal multiplication strategies like the equation is like a basic equation with a decimal point and I can convert the answers to fractions. Maybe I’ll learn algebra next year?